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We have a 99% success rate resolving clients’ immigration cases. We have been representing international companies and foreign nationals for more than four decades and have a vast understanding of the issues and how to manage the immigration needs of organizations. We know the U.S. consulates and how they operate. Our team does not staff out cases but rather works each matter on a one-on-one basis with HR and the foreign national.


Sonia Col & Associates has represented hundreds of entities and foreign nationals in their global mobility needs for more than four decades. Some of our clients have been with us since the Firm was established. Our approach is straightforward and consistent. We first learn everything there is to know about our client as relates to their global mobility needs, and then we do a deep dive into the foreign national’s employment history and job description to fully understand how to develop a case. Understanding the complexities of managing and retaining a high-performing global workforce is key to what we do for our clients.



Visa Waivers and Cancellations of Removal

We have secured waivers of grounds of inadmissibility and cancellation of removal for foreign nationals barred from entry or adjustment of status for conduct arising after entry or the start of a visa application case.

Extraordinary Ability Visas

We successfully secured approval of Extraordinary Ability self-petitions on behalf of clients of many backgrounds and expertise including a biomedical researcher from India, a dispute resolution scholar from the Philippines, a male reproductive dysfunction scientist from Zimbabwe, and others.

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Relief for Victims of Domestic Violence

Sonia Col & Associates devotes time and resources to victims of domestic violence and crimes on a pro bono basis. We have successfully secured immigration relief for numerous victims who endured extensive abuse and violence by their spouses or partners.

Foreign Language and Complex Business Necessity Job Requirements

We have successfully filed and secured certifications of difficult foreign labor applications for positions requiring foreign language and complex business necessity requirements exceeding SVP.

Change of Status Into, Within, and Between A, G, NATO

Sonia Col and Associates successfully represented numerous A, G and NATO visa holders in pursuit of a change of status to O, H-1B and adjustment of status. 

Sonia Col & Associates was one of the first firms to successfully represent transgender petitioner in a immediate relative immigration case

Sonia Col & Associates filed the case with legacy INS in the early 2000’s, well before the Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, and under the then prevailing Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 and adjudication field manual which explicitly prevented “sexual deviates” from entering the US. Our team prepared a brief in support of the couple’s pending immediate relative petition and adjustment of status application and advocated for approval of the case to the INS examiner who took our argument to senior management and returned approvals of both petition and adjustment of status application. 

Extensive experience with EB-5 investor visa program

Sonia Col & Associates have represented a large number of EB-5 investors of many nationalities and secured approvals of every EB5 petition filed  by us and processed to date on the basis of well-documented evidence sufficient to prove the lawful source of the investment capital and the trail of funds from its origin to the escrow account of the new commercial enterprise.

Sonia Col & Associates overcame “reason to believe” bar to admission

Our client is the spouse of a US citizen who was convicted of drug trafficking crimes and sentenced to jail. At the adjustment of status interview, she was not represented by counsel, and consequently, complex issues raised by the examiner concerning the “reason to believe” bar to admission caused distress and much confusion, leading to the denial of her adjustment of status application. Our team took over the case and successfully argued that our client was not inadmissible under INA 212(a)(2)(C)(ii) because the statute requires that the adjustment applicant be the spouse of an “alien” trafficker and because USCIS failed…

Overcame revocations of NIV for high-level executives

Sonia Col & Associates took on the Department of State on behalf of two senior executives who were barred from boarding a flight to the U.S. because, unbeknownst to them, their visas had been canceled by operation of law. We challenged the legality of the revocations as unsupported by applicable regulations and in violation of the Foreign Affairs Manual controlling consular protocols for nonimmigrant visa revocations. We learned that the basis for the revocations stemmed from information culled from the Internet that showed the executives were named defendants in proceedings before the court. The consular post, upon further consideration of…

Overcame Presidential Proclamation bans to issuance of numerous L-1 visas during COVID-19

Sonia Col & Associates overcame the ban on issuance of L-1 visas for a large number of high-level executives and managers, as well as specialized knowledge workers, and their respective family members at a time of great uncertainty and confusion concerning global mobility and the transfer of high-performing expatriates. Many of these expats have since acquired legal permanent residence in the U.S.
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