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“Sonia supported our visa process at the most challenging time during the pandemic. Those are the kind of moments when experience and knowledge make the difference, and she delivered flawlessly. Later on, we had the same high standards when applied to permanent residency. We could not be more satisfied with Sonia’s work.”

-R.L. (Brazil)


“I have worked closely with Marcella since I started working in Global Mobility. She and the entire team at Sonia Col & Associates, P.C. are highly professional, agile, and precise on the work they deliver. Most recently, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Marcella’s efforts in supporting us while navigating the quickly changing landscape of immigration laws really stood out to me. She went above and beyond to support us and to ensure that our employees’ visas to the U.S. could be successfully issued in a less than favorable immigration climate. I’m sure people like Marcella, who love what they do, can make many businesses and lives thrive. I strongly recommend her services as an immigration lawyer.”

-J.F., HR representative in the banking industry (Brazil)


“Sonia Col & Associates, P.C. has been helping me with my visa and green card process for over a decade now and I couldn’t  have asked for a better team ‘on the case’! All of them are professional, easy to work with and very knowledgeable about the immigration process and nuances in every step. A special shout-out to Marcella who is always so quick to respond and incredibly thorough in all her research and in answering my questions. She is so supportive and has been invaluable through the myriad USCIS policy and travel changes the last few years.”

-V.B. (India)


“Marcella has handled my immigration journey over the years and has always achieved the outcome I was looking for. She handled my green card and naturalization processes in a very professional and personable manner. I think highly of her and the entire team at Sonia Col & Associates, P.C. and recommend them to anyone who needs sound immigration advice.”

-R.F. (Brazil)


“My wife and I contracted Sonia Col and Associates, P.C. to help us with getting a fiancee visa. Marcella was incredibly helpful every step of the way, answering many, many questions for us both and holding our hands through each step of the process. Navigating the visa process without Marcella would have been extraordinarily stressful and it was a huge help to have Marcella guiding us through the process. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

-A.S. (Australia)


“Marcella is an excellent professional, with deep knowledge in her area of expertise and committed to delivering the best results. She demonstrates attention even to minor details which can make a huge difference during the course of a petition. Whenever I needed her guidance, in the U.S. or abroad, she would always be around to help in a very kind, warm way. Marcella is a highly skilled professional that I strongly recommend!”

-A.H. (Brazil)


“Marcella and Sonia helped me and my whole family immigrate to the U.S. from the Philippines. Although the process takes about 13 years (because the Philippines has a long waiting time for interviews), it is all worth it. Their consultations and very detailed instructions were extremely helpful in our immigration journey. They are very responsive to e-mails whenever we needed additional information. They always listen carefully to clients’ problems trying to get the full picture and not miss any details in order to provide constructive solutions and helpful advice. All these factors characterize them as professionals who really help their clients. I would strongly recommend Marcella and Sonia’s services for anyone who needs help with their immigration process. Your case will be in good hands! Thank you Marcella and Sonia for helping us reunite with our family.”

-J.T. (Philippines)


“My employer uses Sonia Col & Associates for their immigration matters. I was introduced to Sonia and Marcella in 2009 to handle my H1B transfer followed by filing for permanent residency. The path to permanent residency for an immigrant from a highly populated country like India is a long process. Sonia and Marcella handled my immigration journey which involved 6 H1B extensions, 4 H4 extensions, 3 H4 EADs, 4 visa stampings and green card processing from 2009 to 2022. I had a wonderful experience working with the firm over the years. They handled all my paperwork with good level of accuracy in a timely fashion. They frequently helped address questions from my company or me during the process. Thanks to their support during the long journey which ended with my green card approval.”

-P.J. (India)