Employer Policies & Procedures

As part of our dedication to our clients, our attorneys add value by providing services to help our clients create comprehensive policies and procedures for their business. Creating a Corporate Immigration Policy, for example, which details certain key issues an employer faces when hiring foreign workers is critical to keeping an organized, prepared, and compliant operation. 

Some of our services include:

  • Training Programs
  • Document Inspection and Raid Defense
  • HR Guidance
  • M&A Guidance

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of information would I need to include as part of our company’s corporate immigration policy?

Depending on your organization, we will use our expertise in detailing policies and procedures that work for your business. This may include policies for covering immigration-related expenses when hiring a foreign national, paying for travel expenses of employees and their derivative family members, assessing visa options, when employment may begin, immigrant sponsorship, maintaining documentation and proof of status, hiring and firing policies, among others.

What other kinds of policies and procedures would be beneficial for my business?

Working closely with a company’s human resources personnel, we can create policies and procedures that are right for your business.

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