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Employees are a business’s most valuable asset. Managing a global workforce with a short-term and long-term strategy for accomplishing realistic objectives, on the basis of up-to-date information, are essential components to U.S. business immigration processes.

We bring over 35 years of experience, integrity, and differentiated services to the job, providing our business and institutional clients with the peace of mind and security they need to successfully hire foreign nationals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common temporary visas available to U.S. businesses wishing to hire foreign nationals?

  • L-1 – Intracompany Transferees for executives, managers and specialized or advanced knowledge workers with 12 or more months of consecutive employment history with a subsidiary, branch or affiliate of the U.S. employing entity.
  • B-1 in lieu of H-1B – for professionals who seek to enter the U.S. for a period of up to 6 months to participate in productive work on behalf of the foreign employer.
  • H-1B – for professional workers who will be employed in the U.S. to work in a specialty occupation for which a bachelor’s degree or equivalent is required.
  • I– available to representatives of foreign media.
  • E-1/E-2 – available to traders or investors, nationals of countries which maintain a treaty of commerce and navigation with the U.S.
  • O-1 – for individuals of extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics; O-2 for support personnel.
  • P-1A – for individuals who seek temporary admission to the U.S. to perform in an athletic event;  P-1B for members of an internationally recognized group; P-2 available to artist entering the United States through a government recognized reciprocal exchange program; P-3 available to artists or entertainers participating in a culturally unique program.
  • R-1 – for Religious Workers who dedicate their lives to religious practices or functions and have been a member of a religious denomination with a bona fide tax-exempt religious organization in the U.S. for two years or more.
  • NAFTA – available to eligible professionals from Canada and Mexico to engage in a listed occupation.

What is a Green Card and how can a person obtain one?

A Permanent Resident Card, commonly referred to as a “Green Card,” allows an individual to live and work permanently in the United States. There are several ways a person can become a Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) and obtain what is referred to as a “green card.” The most common ways to obtain a green card are either through sponsorship by a family member or an employer, although there are other avenues available to individuals who qualify for humanitarian programs such as asylum.

Learn more about obtaining a green card.

What services does Sonia Col & Associates provide to employers in support of their foreign employee management?

We provide employers strategic advice for both immigration and compliance issues, as well as coordination of competing issues such as compensation and tax planning for key employees, transitioning of principal worker and family members, social security and pension contribution-related issues, etc.

How do your services assist HR departments to transition an expatriate or local hire to the job?

HR departments invest enormous resources in working closely with employees and their families, negotiating resettlement, transfers, repatriation, housing, schooling for children, getting social security numbers, etc. It’s important to have a short-term and long-term strategy for accomplishing these objectives realistically, and on the basis of up-to-date information on agency requirements, processing times, consular post-specific guidelines and preferences, etc.

Working with a knowledgeable and experienced immigration attorney is critical to doing all of these things correctly the first time around, and on time. We have delivered these services to our clients over the past 38 years and can do the same for you.

Why should an employer hire Sonia Col & Associates?

Investing in us means signing-up for the benefits derived from our expertise in immigration, and embedded know-how. We specialize in business clients. And clients who hire this firm work directly with an experienced attorney — not paralegals.  Because we have evolved on the strength of our work over the years and a reliable word-of-mouth referral system, our practice is small, focused and selective. We are available to provide the clients we take on with a high level of attention and service because we choose to and can.

What are some of the methods and procedures employed by the Firm to service our clients better?

We have developed methods and procedures to ensure the timely, cost-effective and responsive services to our clients, consistently delivering approvals and high quality. In order to achieve these outcomes, we: invest in and utilize state-of-the-art technology, document management tools; multiple tickler systems to ensure our cases are triple calendared for timely action, collaborative communication to map out the employer’s objectives, in consultation with HR conduct a deep-dive analysis of foreign nationals’ credentials, positions, and qualifications, and aggressive monitoring of cases.

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